Entry #1

Goooood Morning, Newgrounds!

2007-10-15 07:38:37 by The-Protagonist

It's 7:36 in the morning, and I'm off to school. But before I go, I'd like to say I'm making another Metal Slug Flash! Details still unknown, stay tuned to find out more. Sources say this project may be finished by the end of October if all things go smoothly.

Look forward to The_Protagonist's new movie, DELTA STRIKE!


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2007-10-22 20:55:40

good morining...or right now good night lol xD

(Updated ) The-Protagonist responds:

I hope you're excited about - War is Hell II - and Delta Strike. They're both gonna be kick-ass in-your-face nonstop awesomeness. Just you wait.



2007-10-23 22:08:34

Cant wait for your new movies, especially War is Hell 2. Good luck with them and hope you finish soon. :)