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Somehow not as satisfying as previous episodes.

No sign of the clown or Hank in any of his ridiculous reincarnated forms.

The pace of action seemed really toned down compared to the previous cartoons, which may or may not be a good thing. Also, the music was very off-beat and too slow to compare the the previous scores, and there wasn't any dynamic change.

More or less, I found the ending to be a sort of "cop-out", saying "And then there were none." I would have liked to seen some original characters make an appearance, considering you always figure out a way to fit them in no matter what their fate was previously.

Overall, I enjoyed this eighth, and hopefully not the last, episode of Madness. Keep doing what you love, Krinkels!



That was so gay it was epic. Nah, it was cool.

PS: Could you leave a reeeally long response? Thx.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

I love it.

Funnier than every other compilation put TOGETHER.

This has to be the most awesome one yet! With all the hard-hitting comedy, action, and penis, who WOULDN'T die laughing after watching these shorts? Well, congradulations on making a series of movies that will go down in Newgrounds history as well as the hearts and minds of those who watch them. Now I'll always have something to laugh at if I'm feeling down. Thanks, Egorapter!

Your fan, The_Protagonist

(Who has been laughing happily ever since Metal Gear Awesome!)

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Oh hell yeah.

Awesome scene creator, sound and everything. I loved that you used my sprites, mahn! Thanks. Nice game, later. :D


Hey, Aerdail, nice to see you've made another.

I thought this was pretty sweet considering it being your first game and whatnot. But somehow, it just didn't live up to it's full potential. There just wasn't enough variety in there. The weapons were dull and of low value, the enemies were repeditve, and most of all, there was no real mission statement or objective. At least in the last one there was some story behind why you were shooting people. But hey, there's really nothing left to say. It was alright for your first interactive FPS. But I say, stick with the good ol' footage.


Oh, that's just peachy.

This upsets me because, while the entire project was probably hard to do and expensive, it only got 2nd place. D:

Good work, I wish I could've contributed. Was this some sort of artist's random free-for-all? If we wanted we could've emailed you our drawings of something on a paperbag? Meh, I suck.


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