- War is Hell II -

2007-10-23 23:36:47 by The-Protagonist

Hello, Newgrounds!

The_Protagonist here, and I would like all my fans to know that I am, in fact, making a prequel to - War is Hell -!

I have taken a screen shot of an actual movie scene, and will let you fill in the gaps until it's release on November 20, 2007. I guarantee you you'll get your dose of in-your-face Metal Slug action!


- War is Hell II -


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2007-10-24 04:25:37

ooh, looks pretty cool. The only thing that bothers me is how the helicopter look, if you could add a bit of shading and maybe some bolts here and there to make it look a bit better. Other then that it looks pretty cool. Can't wait!

The-Protagonist responds:

Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.


2007-10-24 18:10:08

OMG! Yay

Looks like your basing this one off of Vietnam (nice)
cant wait, do you have any rough estimates of when It'll come out?

The-Protagonist responds:


The release date is up there, mate.


2007-11-07 10:26:57

Hey, Pro, it's me, Chaos! I can't WAIT for War is Hell 2 - pleease put my snipers in it!

The-Protagonist responds:

I wouldn't count on that. I'm saving your snipers for something special.


2007-11-08 16:02:25

i cant wait!! 'freaks out' skndjshdiegfh

The-Protagonist responds:

D00d! I'm totally freaking out too!