Moar Flash!

2007-10-25 17:37:12 by The-Protagonist

It's the man with the plan once again, The_Protagonist, and I'm here to tell you some more exciting news regarding my upcoming Flash portfolio.

Well, for starters, I'm making two more movies that should be finished in January, '08, seeing as how I got Delta Strike and - War is Hell II - to get done.

The first one is a Metal Slug zombie flick involving my somewhat famously used gasmask soldier sprites, and the second is a completely new sequel to George's Bad Day, another movie I made back before - War is Hell -. It was my first creation so it wasn't all that great and didn't win any awards, but everyone had to start somewhere.

So both of those will be due somewhere toward the beginning of 2008, hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed and hope that I have some spare time left over to finish these two babies up!


Moar Flash!


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2007-10-27 18:27:58

Dude your WAR IS HELL is awesome!,im bhind your movies 100%!

The-Protagonist responds:

Thanks. I'll do my best not to disappoint my fans.