It's Halloweeeeen!

2007-10-31 07:43:21 by The-Protagonist

Check it, Pro here, wishing you a happy Halloween! My costume's a Rasta-Jamaican freedom force guy with a dreadlock beanie and AK-47. I know, crazy, right? Tell me what you're doing before this awesome holiday is over!

It's Halloweeeeen!


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2007-11-01 17:24:21

Hey you're the War is Hell guy, I watched yours like a day before I submitted mine, really liked it.

The-Protagonist responds:

Say, thanks, mate. I liked yours as well, it was pretty good. So, anyways, you do Halloween, or what? :D


2007-11-08 16:01:09

i got lot o candy for halloween.....ur movie...was....COOL ROCK ON!

The-Protagonist responds:

Nice, I got some too. Thanks for watching my movie!