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2007-12-01 23:51:27 by The-Protagonist

I've created a forum if anyone would like to join it. No email confirmation required, just sign up, and you're free to post. Feel free to discuss anything.

Domain Forums

Enjoy your membership and try to remain active.


Visit Domain Forums


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2007-12-02 00:33:16

sounds greats

The-Protagonist responds:

Will you join?



2007-12-02 01:00:41


(Updated ) The-Protagonist responds:

But, you'll like... miss out on cool stuff.


2007-12-08 19:01:54

yeah i want 2 join im in!

The-Protagonist responds:

Awesome. Post that shit up.


2007-12-22 15:25:48

Sorry, Pro, I tried to sign up for your forums and it wouldn't let me! D: I'll try again soon, but in the meantime, have a kick-ass Christmas and good luck with your new Delta Force movie!


2010-06-17 01:40:03

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