Happy Holidays

2007-12-24 22:19:33 by The-Protagonist

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone! I hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones and exchanging gifts!

Here's to Newgrounds and it's many members! Happy Holidays from The_Protagonist!

Happy Holidays


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2007-12-24 22:57:13

Hanukkah is already over... Anyways Merry Christmas to you to!

The-Protagonist responds:

Yes, thank you! Same to you, friend!


2007-12-24 23:31:35

Merry Christmas!
(Kwanzza is Boxing Day, who knew?)

The-Protagonist responds:

Thank you very much, same to you!


2007-12-25 00:29:09

life's sohrt have fun with it. a corrected verson of your message. (in myopinion anyways, i'm athiest :P)

The-Protagonist responds:

Exactly my thoughts! Thanks for the comment!


2007-12-30 11:04:33

Merry Christmas to you too, Pro!

BTW, I love that animation of Ben in the Santa hat.

The-Protagonist responds:

Thanks, man! Hope you got everything you wanted!

Appreciate the comment on the sprite! ^_^