Entry #9

It's late, yo!

2008-02-03 04:12:23 by The-Protagonist

Yo, it's yours truly with another late, but new update.

My man with the plan Dusty-Gorilla and I are teaming up and making the next big M.S.R.E. episode. This project, when finished, is going to be so EPIC, it's going to punch Newgrounds' front page right square in the balls. It will be so truly and undoubtably EPIC that it will even surpass the Weekly First award, and will have to invent a whole new Yearly First award.

This particular Flash will be so undeniably full to the brim with the meaning of the word EPIC, that you'll most likely shit your pants and get blown back 800 feet, where you'll realize you're standing in front of the creator himself, and have to kiss the ground he walks upon.

You dig?

It's late, yo!


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2008-02-03 04:14:35

I love you.


2008-02-16 02:06:42

let me know when ya finish!


2008-02-16 18:17:17

i really like your war is hell movie and im a marine so i agree...it is hell!


2008-03-24 09:58:24

your cool you should continue making the awesome vids and games


2008-03-25 01:19:27

your awesome but what website do you make all your flash movies and stuff on?


2008-05-12 00:31:34

yo protoganist whens msre 6 comin out?


2008-06-05 02:25:01

so.. hows it goin?m.s.r.e 6 comin out?


2009-12-27 14:04:05

that is so freeakin cool